The BinKnocker   ‚ÄčUniversal Bin Level System

We really like The BinKnockers as we can check the depth of grain in bins at seed plant throughout the day. This saves time and energy from climbing the bin ladders to check on grain in bins.

Easy to install and use. I would recommend The BinKnocker to anyone who needs to check product in bins on a regular basis.

Ron Smith

Smith Seeds

We purchased the bin knockers, we found it to be a real time saver to check grain levels, stop spills, and equipment damage, simple to run and truly a real asset to the business.

                                     - Bill and Marsha Ramsay (Alix, Alberta)

The BinKnocker has been installed and working at the CHS location at Alix longer than I have been working at the site which approximatelty 6 years. When it comes to the busy months it is imperative that a fertilizer retail such as ourselves know where our bin levels are to keep them full to avoid running out and creating costly down time, it also helps to not overfill a bin which will plug legs and augers that may also cause additional damage and down time. The distinctive bong and thud can be heard above our blender running or idling trucks unloading fertilizer over the pit. When we rebuilt our fertilizer plant in 2014 we had the option to upgrade to electronic bin level sensors, we chose to stay with The BinKnocker, it's simple, saved us thousands, and safe (no scrambling up bins or throwing objects to find the level).

Kyle Lowery

Location Manager

CHS Canada